How do I offer investment banking services

An investment is a specialized type of banking institution that act as a third party between investors and issuers. These types of banks offer individuals and companies a wide range of services in regards to raising capital through engaging in the stock market and other investments..

Investment banking services explained

Investment banking is a service that is specifically designed in order to enable individuals and companies to build and manage their investments. Usually investors acquire the services of these specialized financial entities to act as a third party when they engage in the stock market.

Investment banks allow individuals and companies to increase their capital through advising and guiding their clients in making the most profitable investments. Additionally, they act as the middle party that issues securities and performs underwriting activities on behalf of their clients.

In order to open an investment bank in your chosen jurisdiction, individuals and companies are required to fulfill the minimum requirements of obtaining a banking license. Depending on the scope of customers that the bank targets, investors either acquire a Class A (restricted) or Class B (unrestricted) banking license.

Once the banking license has been obtained, the rest of the procedure of setting up an investment bank is relatively straight forward and simple. It is important to have a team of experienced individuals who run the investment bank as they will be able to provide clients with insightful knowledge in terms of making investments and engaging in the stock market.

It is advised that individuals and companies wishing to open an investment bank, seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm, in order to ensure that they complete the process of acquiring the license in a professional and timely manner, as well as in compliance with the jurisdictional regulations.