Company Formation

Bank Setup & Corporate Management Services

Starting Business is one of the global leaders of company formation and corporate management services with over 15 years experience in this field. We can provide extensive information regarding company registration in various countries around the world. In addition, we can register and supervise the handling and management of the corporate entity. We can also provide you with the details that are important for your bank setup.

In the case of offshore bank formation, it is vital to get properly structured and managed legal entity, as you not only have to follow the usual legal requirements applicable to any company, but also need to take into consideration any special requirements that the regulatory authorities in your chosen jurisdiction require in order to issue an offshore banking license.

It is important that when deciding your bank formation, that the company that will be used to operate the bank is structured in the correct way. Having company documents that are written and targeted specifically at banking operations is a key factor when applying for an offshore bank license.

Starting Business offers complete company formation and corporate management services in over 60 countries at competitive rates with maximum confidentiality, asset protection and tax efficiency in mind.

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