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International Banking License and Bank Formation

  • International Bank License

    International Bank License

    Obtain a bank license to provide international banking services. Operate your own institution to accept client’s deposits, lend money and offer mortgages, or a specialized private institution which targets wealthy people…

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  • Bank Formation Services

    Bank Formation Services

    We offer assistance across a range of bank formation services in order to help you obtain your required banking license. Depending on the jurisdiction you wish to conduct your formation in, we can provide comprehensive expertise…

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  • Licensing Jurisdictions

    Licensing Jurisdictions

    Choosing the right jurisdiction to obtain an international banking license in is an important initial step in setting up your own bank overseas. The appropriate jurisdiction will be one that closely meets your business and specialization specifications…

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  • Bank License Application

    Bank License Application

    Applying for a license can be a complex and stressful procedure, however when proceeding with your bank license application through EFSAG, we can provide the expertise to ensure your application moves forward accordingly…

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International Banking License Solutions

My Banking License is a specialized corporate site aimed at helping companies to obtain their own international banking license, proceed with the bank formation and assist with the regulatory and bank licensing requirements for the formation of an financial institution. Over the last decade EFSAG has been providing a complete selection of services specifically aimed at companies looking to attain an international bank license.

We provide comprehensive support and assistance to companies that wish to acquire a banking license in the jurisdiction of their choice, and we offer advice and guidance to financial institutions that are in the process of deciding upon where it is best to apply for a license. We also offer advice and guidance on regulatory requirements, which must be complied with in order to successfully obtain a bank license.

EFSAG is one of the few international consultancy firms that specializes in international banking licenses. We assist our clients in getting the specific bank licensing and authorization needed in order to lawfully operate financial institution overseas. Our services include preparing bank license applications, assistance throughout the company formation procedure, expert advice as to the selection of your institution’s specialization, dedicated legal support, and many other essential services that will ensure for the successful operation of your overseas institution.

Bank Formation & International Bank License Application Benefits

Having a banking license entitles you to engage in activities that are connected to banking. Whether it is retail banking, like accepting deposits and lending money to clients, or whether it is specialized private banking that is targeted at people who are wealthy and looking for a good bank to work with, you will need a banking license.

Applying for an international banking license is the ideal way to go, as many of the regulatory bodies in countries where you are able to apply take far longer to approve a bank license application, and the entire process can end up taking a long time and costing you a lot of money. With an international banking license, you will be able to apply in the jurisdiction of your choice.

Applying for an international bank license is a faster procedure than applying for an onshore banking license. Also, the regulations that are in place are far less stringent, as well as the capital adequacy for a banking license in overseas jurisdiction is generally a lot lower that it will be for an onshore bank license application.

Once you have attained an international banking license, you will then be able to start to operate your own bank. This will allow you to grow enough capital, as well as a customer base for your bank, which in turn will give you the financial backing for you to apply for an onshore banking license.

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Bank Formation Check-List

bank formation checklistHow to start your the application procedure. We will guide you through the initial procedures to obtain a banking licensebank license

Banking or Financial License

financial licenseFind out whether you require a banking or financial license. Choose the right type of license according to your needsbank license